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Werken bij MobiHealth


Job opening (Dutch): Software developer (mobile) 32-40h
Android (Java), iOS/iPhone, React Native, sensorsystems and wireless protocols, internet protocols, user interfaces, security.

While developing innovative healthcare services, MobiHealth carefully examines all pieces of the puzzle. It is important that we are skilled in technology (e.g. mobile and web-based systems), recent healthcare and security standards, and that we have an excellent ability to step into the shoes of our users (e.g. patients, care professionals). An affinity with sensorsystems, protocols and signal analysis is very useful. For successful innovation it is essential to develop appropriate business models and achieve structural funding. A sense for statistics promotes getting evidence-based results. At the forefront of innovation, MobiHealth also participates in national and international research projects.

To realize all of this we rely on a multidisciplinary team, whereby teammembers often have a broad skillset.

Contact us via: contact@mobihealth.com. If a relevant job opening becomes available, we will be in touch.

The set for heart failure telemonitoring:

  • a smartphone
  • validated scales
  • a validated blood pressure monitor
  • access to your own page on the HC@Home website
  • user manual

The set for mobile cardiac rehabilitation:

  • a smartphone
  • an elastic chest strap with a heart rate monitor
  • access to your own page on the HC@Home website
  • user manual