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Remote care
Governments and health insurers search for efficient, effective and clinically validated health services. Their goal is to bring down costs per patient, while the quality of care remains high. Telemonitoring is a patient-oriented solution that supports self-management of their health. Healthcare professionals get medical devices at their disposal that enable remote monitoring and instruction of patients.
Freedom of movement
Telemonitoring contributes to a complete freedom of movement for patients at home, while traveling and on vacation. Patients are monitored remotely, creating peace of mind and a sense of confidence. Healthcare professionals can intervene immediately if measurements show deterioration of the condition. MobiHealth makes this possible!
MobiHealth offers patients the ability to self-manage their health by monitoring their health status independent of time and place, while they stay in touch with their distant healthcare professionals. Our telemonitoring solutions comply with national legislation and ensure a fast, secure and reliable delivery of measurements data via our internet portals to patients and healthcare professionals.

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