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HC@Home - Health Care that Fits

To measure and stimulate
For many chronic afflictions it is important to improve the physical condition. HC@Home® is a service, developed by MobiHealth, whereby improvement is measured and stimulated.
Patients can measure activities, blood pressure and weight (or a subset thereof) with a smartphone / application. Both patient and care professional have access to a HC@Home® portal where data are presented with regards to guidelines set for activities, weight, blood pressure.

Turn-key solution
The service is used in cardiac rehabilitation and cardiac failure. HC@Home® supplies the portal for patient and care professional. It also supplies the equipment, consisting of:

Key advantages

HC@Home website
MobiHealth B.V. is responsible, on behalf of HC@Home B.V., for the ongoing development and maintenance of HC@Home®. Visit the HC@Home website for further information about the service.

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