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Point-Of-Care platform
POCT data transfer.

From GP to LIS/HIS
Point-of-care testing (POCT) equipment enables General Practitioners (GPs) to perform measurements that previously needed to be done in a laboratory. MobiHealth developed a platform that enables measurements at the GP to automatically be transferred to a Laboratory Information System (LIS).

Besides developing the innovative method of wirelessly transferring data from POCT equipment, MobiHealth also implemented the following connectivity:

Automatic transfer INR anticoagulation
The POCT platform contains modules for both self-measurement as well as Near-Patient Testing (in the context of anticoagulation therapy), which enables the automatic transfer of values to prevent data-entry errors.

The module for Near-Patient Testing was integrated with the Portavita Anticoagulation - NPT portal, and supports the transfer of values from the Roche CoaguChek XS® Pro.

The module for self-measurement of INR contains a prototype integration with the "Zelfzorgportal Trombosedienst Isala Klinieken", and supports data transfer from the Roche CoaguChek XS®.

In early 2016, Mobipoct B.V. acquired an exclusive license for the POCT platform. Visit the Mobipoct website for more information about the service.

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