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MobiHealth developes telemonitoring services with a focus on cardiovascular risk management. The services are mainly used as part of a treatment and are fully integrated by MobiHealth into an existing or new workflow. We arrange the following items:

What we measure
MobiHealth has ample experience with integration of wired and wireless sensorsystems into comprehensive solutions. Our software handles measurement parameters such as:

Platform for research
MobiHealth supports research with a flexible system that can be configured to measure many different parameters:
MobiHealth Mobile™
Truly mobile remote monitoring: anytime, anywhere.
ECG, EMG, Pleth / SpO2, respiration, core / skin temperature, GSR
MobiHealth Mobile™ is an innovative mobile remote monitoring and feedback system whereby patients enjoy true mobility while being monitored.
Services developed by MobiHealth
MobiHealth developed the intellectual property for the commercial services listed below, which are currently provided mainly to hospitals, general practitioners and laboratories. MobiHealth generally also takes care of providing and maintaining services, as well as further development.
My bloodpressure service.
Blood pressure, pulse rate
BP@Home™ enables patients with chronic high blood pressure or high risk pregnancy to take measurements at home and transmit these to their care professional through a private, on-line service center.
Health Care that Fits.
Activities, heart rate, BORG, weight, blood pressure
For many chronic afflictions it is important to improve the physical condition. With HC@Home®, improvement is measured and stimulated.
Point-Of-Care platform
POCT data transfer.
Blood coagulation (INR), Blood, urine tests
MobiHealth developed a platform that enables automatic transfer of measurements from Point-of-care testing (POCT) equipment at the general practitioner's office to various Laboratory Information Systems (LIS). The platform also supports automatically transferring INR values that were measured using equipment for self-measurement or Near-Patient Testing, in the context of anticoagulation therapy.

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