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MobiHealth and her employees work passionately on the development of innovative healthcare tele-monitoring solutions. We have received the following awards as an acknowledgement of our work:

SME Innovation Top 100 2011 MobiHealth placed 28th in Dutch SME Innovation Top 100 - Innovation: remote blood pressure meter
The Dutch SME Innovation Top 100 is a joint initiative of the Syntens innovationcenter, NL Patent Office, Mercedes Benz and NRC Handelsblad. This top 100 is considered to be the largest and most important innovation award for SMEs in The Netherlands. Nominations have been judged based on originality, impact, product protection, availability and sales potential. All 100 nominees have implemented successful innovations related to products, services, processes or organization. These innovations increased the companies' turn-over, ensured its continued existence and/or improved existing products.
ICTDelta 2010 MobiHealth one of the 20 nominees for ICTDelta 2010
The ICTDelta Starters' prize is an incentive prize for a starting Dutch business, active in the market for less than 3 years, with a promising business concept and innovative IT-products or services. It is an audience award; the winner is chosen by the participants of ICTDelta 2010.
Young Technology Award 2009 MobiHealth listed amongst the 7 nominations for the Young Technology Award 2009
The Young Technology Award is an election for fast-growing innovative companies in the Dutch province of Overijssel. Companies younger than 5 years get a chance to compete with other innovative companies, as well as a stage to present themselves to potential customers, business partners and the media.
Overijssel Innovation Award 2008 MobiHealth in selection Overijssel Innovation Award 2008
The purpose of the Overijssel Innovation Award is to introduce a broad audience to new products and services offered to the market by companies from the Dutch province of Overijssel. A committee has selected 8 out of 27 entries that rate highly on the combination of innovation, market potential, problem-solving nature and relevance to society.
ICTRegie 2008 Nationale ICTRegie 2008
MobiHealth one of the two nominees for the ICTRegie Award 2008
The ICTRegie Award is intended for a person or group in The Netherlands that has been able to transform the results of scientific research into a successful, economically profitable or socially beneficial application. With this award, ICTRegie would like to attract attention to successful valorization (with economical impact or social relevance), and honor and promote initiatives in this area.

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