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MobiHealth vision
Our mission
MobiHealth offers patients the ability to self-manage their health by monitoring their health status independent of time and place, while they stay in touch with their geographically distant healthcare professionals: putting care in motion.

Our vision - 2020
Governments and health insurers search for efficient, effective and clinically validated health services. Their goal is to reduce costs per patient, while the quality of care remains high. There is a shift from acute to chronic care due to rising life expectancy.

Patients become more responsible for the implementation of their treatment plan, and the time interval between successive consultations is increased. A patient practices self-management of their health and the healthcare professional functions as a coach. Scientific literature shows that self-management of chronic diseases has a positive effect on treatment compliance and progression of the disease[1][2].

Healthcare professionals have medical devices at their disposal that enable telemonitoring and instruction of patients. Measurement data is obtained in an objective manner in the patient's own environment and sent to a healthcare professional. This form of telemonitoring provides more reliable data than in a clinical setting. A healthcare professional evaluates this data at a distance and immediately sends instructions to the patient if necessary. This enables early detection and treatment of an imminent health crisis.

MobiHealth provides patient-oriented telemonitoring solutions that support patients in self-management of their health. These solutions contribute to the transparency of the information delivered to patients and keep the treatment relationship with their healthcare professional intact.
MobiHealth only provides telemonitoring solutions that are built on clinically validated measurement systems and comply with national legislation.

MobiHealth considers health to be a person's most precious asset. This is our highest value. Our telemonitoring solutions can be of great significance to the health of our customers. Consequently, MobiHealth has the following core values:

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