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MobiHealth participates in Dutch and European research projects. We provide mobile remote monitoring solutions and the know-how to integrate them in the clinical process, while at the same time stimulating our own research & development activities.

Research into MobiHealth services
Independent third parties perform research that validates MobiHealth services:

Research projects
MobiHealth takes part in, or has taken part in, the research projects below.

Intelligent Consumer Systems (PPS TKI-Agrifood, TKI-AF-12138, 2013-2015)
In this project, applications are developed to facilitate consumers to make good food choices. ICT mechanisms are developed to (objectively) measure food choice behavior, provide feedback and estimate future behavior. Three use cases are studied: allergic consumer, the vital elderly consumer and the low-income consumer.

Medical Trust Beyond Clinical Walls (NWO 313-99-012, 2013-2014)
The purpose of this project is to investigate how patients with chronic diseases establish trust in forms of treatment and monitoring that involve telecare, the use of technology at home in interaction with online systems. Furthermore, the project aims to evaluate when this trust is well-grounded, and to develop guidelines for the responsible deployment and further innovation of telecare services with an eye on promoting reasonable patient trust, autonomy, and self-management.
NWO funded project
Eindhoven University of Technology (project lead)

FIT (InnoSportNL, 2012-2013)
MobiHealth received the assignment of InnoSportNL to develop a Functional foodmonitor for the Individual Top-athletes. This assignment is part of the FIT project in which NOC*NSF and the HAN also participate. The goal of the project is to develop a system for both top-athlete and his/her sportdietician to align daily food intake with individual training schedules and food requirements of the athlete. The FIT system will function as an individual instrument that supports the top-athlete in linking food to top achievements.

MobiGuide (FP7 Collaborative project 287811, 2011-2015)
MobiGuide is an European project that develops a mobile patient guidance system. Patient guidance is provided by a distributed decision support system that uses information of relevant clinical guidelines and specific knowledge on both contextual and health related data. MobiHealth is responsible for the functional architecture of the MobiGuide guidance system and the development of both AF and high risk pregnancy (diabetis and hypertension) tele-monitoring applications. The company's MobiHealth Mobile™ solution is one of the major components of the MobiGuide system. Our research focus is on decision support mechanisms that form a valuable extension to our tele-monitoring solutions and development of a patient-friendly wearable AF monitoring system.
CORDIS European R&D Projects

U-Care (IGC0816, 2008-2011)
The Dutch U-Care project performs research towards a technology-independent application platform for integrated homecare services. Key characteristics are tailorability, evolvability and non-intrusive application in existing homecare services. The MobiHealth Service Platform™ is used as one of the major building blocks of the U-Care platform. MobiHealth research is focused on functional extentions of our platform to fulfill the requirements of the future U-Care platform.

PlayMancer (FP7 - 2005 - 215839, 2007-2010)
PlayMancer will implement a new Serious Game environment, by augmenting existing 3D gaming engines with new possibilities. The motivation behind PlayMancer project is to investigate the potential of games in the Health Care sector.
Project video

MyoTel (eTEN-046230, 2007-2009)
Myotel is a European project that validates a myofeedback-based tele-treatment service. As a subcontractor of the University of Twente, MobiHealth is responsible for: adaptation of MobiHealth's mobile remote monitoring solution according to the requirements of the project, and deployment and availability of the Myotel service infrastructure in 4 EU countries.

AWARENESS (BSIK 03025, 2004-2008)
AWARENESS is a Dutch project that focuses on an infrastructure that enables rapid and easy development of context-aware and pro-active applications. The project pays particular attention to mobile applications in the healthcare domain. As a subcontractor of the University of Twente, MobiHealth is responsible for: adaptation of MobiHealth's mobile remote monitoring solution according to the requirements of the project, and deployment and availability of the chronic pain and epileptic seizure monitoring infrastructure.
Project video

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